Should the QCO 2386 proponents Raquel Malangen, Jessica Daza and its signatory Mayor Bautista be re-elected for passing pet-related ordinance without consulting animal welfare bodies?

Do you think Mary Jane Veloso deserves to be executed for bringing drugs to Indonesia?

Do you think Celia Veloso, mother of Mary Jane Veloso, is an ingrate?

What should be done to this "Jay Bee" scumbag who wilfully sabotaged Jollibee Delivery and gave his critics the dirty finger?

What do you think of the current Pabebe culture?

Do you believe Iglesia ni Cristo's complaint that the state is interfering in their actions?

Will you vote a president that will not pursue or even withdraw the case filed at the The Hague in regards to the West Philippine Sea encroachment of China?

Are you looking forward to the year 2020?