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Another animal murderer has been spotted, identified as Antonio O. Lizardo, who also shot dead his neighbor’s dog out of annoyance from the dog’s barking. The incident is reminiscent of the report of Dominador Capispisan doing the exact criminal act, for an ex-policeman.


Dominador Capispisan has just shot dead the 9 year old dog of Elaine Fermin, on the grounds that it was too noisy. Apparently, he didn’t know (or believed he was invincible) there’s a law against that, that same rule of law he swore to uphold when he was still a policeman.

WANTED: JOHN WAYNE H. VILLANUEVA, AKA. Jay Bee, Jollibee Delivery scammer

Guess what? The Jay Bee personality who tricked Jollibee Delivery personnel to get compensative gift certificates may have been an outlaw all along.

Lawyer on ErgoCha poisoning murder charges: It wasn’t Lloyd Abrigo who made the poisonous brew!

Lloyd Abrigo’s legal counsel Benedicto Buenaventura stressed: “From the very beginning, we have maintained that… he didn’t put any chemical in the milk tea solution and there is no evidence pointing to that as well. We will defend and prove his innocence.”

ErgoCha poison: Oxalic Acid

The PNP Crime Laboratory has identified Oxalic Acid as the likely poison agent of the Hokkaido milk tea that downed proprietor William Abrigo and Suzaine Dagohoy, and Arnold Aydalla, who survived.

ErgoCha owner’s son Lloyd Abrigo charged over milk tea deaths, possibly tampered evidence

The Manila Police District (MPD) yesterday filed murder charges against the son of ErgoCha teahouse owner tagged in the “poisonous” milk tea that killed his father and a customer last month.

WANTED: Scott Ian Yu and Denmark Presto for pointing guns at traffic enforcers

The Quezon City Police District announced Monday that it would file criminal complaints against businessman Scott Ian Yu, 36, and his employee Denmark Presto, 22, for threatening and assaulting Simplicio Retirado, 60, and Raul Mercado, 35.

BUTTHURT – Amateurish and childish death treats

Hataw Tabloid ridiculed the death threat towards them as an infantile and a cowardly act.

INJUSTICE IN MARIKINA – Injured policeman scorned with release of drunken driver suspect

PO1 Ivan Santos could not believe it. The drunken driver, Homer N. Casco II, got away scott-free from the liability of the motor vehicle accident that gave horrific injuries last December of 2014.

Massive Gaming HR division jumps ship; Employee damage getting worse

The drama between fugitive Massive Gaming CEO Miguel Limon and its protesting employees continue as Massive Gaming’s HR division abandons the company as well, for fairly obvious reasons.