Tarots are a novel way to look into the future, and some say what the tarot cards say will be fate. Tarot reader Felix Fojas in Oct 19, 2015 entertained the question whether Rodrigo Duterte will win.

The answers are shockingly pointing to a Duterte victory.

During October, 2015, Rodrigo Duterte was largely hesitant of running for the presidency. Some may think this was him biding for time or testing the waters, or a strategic publicity buildup.


The tarot reading predicted certain details correctly.

1. He will run as a substitute candidate, which he did.
2. There will be largely hostile forces opposing him.
3. In the past, he was incapacitated (alluding to his inability to execute hostage-takers immediately back in 1989, that resulted in the death of an Australian missionary)

And there are perils in his campaign.

1. There is a purported assassination campaign against his very life, arranged by his political enemies.
2. When he becomes president, black propaganda will intensify greatly.

And there are destinies that he will fulfill.

1. Indicated by The Star card, his presidency is destiny. And it seems it will take place despite the current ‘rape joke’ scandal plaguing him, and will defy all odds.
2. He will regain the upper hand and events, actions or incidents will result in his opponents being incapacitated, strongly indicated by combinations of The Judgment and The Justice card.

But is this destiny truly set in stone? Knowing how many details back in 2015 already came true, the outcome may be closer than what people think.

If Nostradamus can predict disasters to the minute details, this tarot reading should not be void of credence either.


The original uploader indeed made the prediction on October 19, 2015, further verifying that the prediction happened way before the events unfolded. The article is slightly updated to show the true video with the actual upload date, to strengthen its veracity.