A Japanese battleship, one of the two biggest ever made, was found more than a kilometer under the Sibuyan Sea off Sibuyan Island in Romblon province.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who was part of a private exploration team to locate the Japanese battleship Musashi, tweeted that it was found Monday by his superyacht, the MY Octopus, using an unmanned RV.

Musashi strikes a pose

Musashi poses for one shot, as illustrated by match in Pixiv

Prior to Allen’s expedition which led to the discovery of the sunken battleship, it was included in a list of four “great wrecks” that remain a mystery. The Musashi was sunk by American air forces on October 24, 1944, killing more than a thousand of Musashi’s crew, and its location remained unknown until Monday.

Kantai Collection celebrated the discovery of Musashi’s wreck by making her more likely to appear in LSC, while the Philippine Coast Guard and the local government of Sibuyan province, Romblon, were initially uninformed as of press time.