Butthurt about Mocha Uson’s page and drawing influences that outright threatened those of newspaper media, a petition in Change.Org was made to remove MOCHA USON BLOG from Facebook.

It has already happened before, particularly in Pro-Duterte Facebook pages.


Because the likes of MOCHA USON BLOG is very popular and has already eclipsed some pages attributed to broadcasting media, and is an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, those against him are naturally threatened by Mocha’s promotion.

Pages like Madam Claudia and even Cynthia Patag herself has attempted to take a swipe to shame Mocha Uson, apparently, to no avail.

Because of Mocha Uson’s presence, the agendas of those against President Duterte have never taken off. Naturally, she will be targeted for the simple reason she has the most followers.

But Uson already anticipated such moves and made plans ahead, including a backup page.


Who will gain from the page being excised? Naturally, her rivals. These include Agot Isidro, Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patag, and more. Less people who can drive them away from their anti-Duterte tirades, the more it will benefit their destabilization plots.


According to social media measurements of Facebook, engagements is what makes MOCHA USON BLOG so potent and threatening.

Apparently, that little blog is a threat to traditional media.

And because of that, it’s only natural for them to start plotting Uson’s ouster in Facebook: Fact Shaming (which has happened but Uson rebounded and has also gotten even by also fact-checking her detractors, to their ire), Smart-Shaming, Slut-Shaming (due to her previous occupation) and Stereotyping.

And here’s one for the books: Anti-Duterte people have slutshamed Mocha Uson but held people like Leila De Lima and Agot Isidro in high regard, whining and protesting when the latter two also had been subjected to similar remarks. What a ridiculously laughable irony and hypocrisy.


The amount of Uson’s followers and those that engage in her page is an undeniable fact. Therefore, they have to resort to cheap shots like such petitions, content reporting and even slut-shaming, which unfortunately for those yellow sympathizers, had little to utterly negative impact, ie. backfired.

It’s a hilarious irony to those who have bragged about bringing democracy, but instead, have used it in a dictatorial hue, just because someone is speaking a language other than theirs, and hers is more credible to the eyes and ears of the people.