It’s been roughly a year since KFC Philippines introduced the Chizza, after the heels of the infamous Double Down Dog.

Unlike the Double Down Dog, which stayed as a Philippines exclusive, the Chizza made its way to South Korea and India, in late 2015, with KFC Thailand and Taiwan getting it recently.

As usual, there’s been mixed reactions among Koreans and Indians, with the latter showing much appreciation for the food.


Now, a year later, KFC Philippines decided to update their Chizza by tossing in 3 more cheeses into the Chizza. Relaunced mid-July, it has gained prominence again, and is coupled with a time-limited discount promo.

Due to the immense popularity (and infamy) of the Chizza, people from the UK have been petitioning their own franchises of KFC to get the Chizza to their shores. Well, we can’t blame them, it was actually good once the taste goes down.