Guess what? The Jay Bee personality who tricked Jollibee Delivery personnel to get compensative gift certificates may have been an outlaw all along.

His stunt infuriated social media, with him simply not giving a fuck.

Widely reviled, and loving it, it seems.

We could sure pick up a thing or two about his attitude on how to piss off haters and bashers.

The Jay Bee personality, whose Facebook account has since been shut down, (or maybe closed to protect himself from cybercrime law?) claims to be a doctor from Ateneo.

But someone who have encountered him has claimed that is not true.

Frederick Belleza, who approached a Facebook page exposing Jay Bee, asked for help in hunting the said person. He claims he is not a doctor, but a former Philippine Airlines worker and reported to be currently working in Cebu Pacific as a baggage boy.

Belleza identified Jay Bee by two names: Goeff Rodriguez and Brice John Wayne H. Villanueva.

He has apparently victimized a foreigner too and swings that way!

Assisted by the personification of a villainess, Senyora Santibanez, the truth behind the scammer was revealed, and it was revealed Frederick isn’t the only previous victim.

He’s apparently a cheating lover, and an embezzler. And a fake gynecologist. And a homosexual. (no offense to the LGBT people intended)

Here’s a copy of confirmation that he’s WANTED by the Baguio City Police.

He's a real crook!

If you ever catch glimpse of this walking homosexual vomit, call the police immediately, through the hotline 117.

But if Rodirgo Duterte were to be told of this situation or this happened in his city, I’m sure he would issue a bounty like he did with the criminal who dragged his son’s name into a carnapping mess.

We’d like to see his face once he gets busted. But for other people, the morgue would be a better place for him.

You know now what he looks like, and what he’s charged for. Bounty hunters, take it from here. Capture him or kill him.