EDITOR’S NOTE: Was erroneously associated with another dog muder incident, later revealed to have happened in Bulacan.

Another animal murderer has been spotted, identified as Antonio O. Lizardo, who also shot dead his neighbor’s dog out of annoyance from the dog’s barking. The incident is reminiscent of the report of Dominador Capispisan doing the exact criminal act, for an ex-policeman.

This time, it transpired in Sto. Domingo, Mayapa in Calamba, Laguna.

Antonio’s daughter, Rox Cecilio Lizardo, or by full name Rose Ann Cecilio Lizardo was flaunting the act over Facebook and Twitter. Her father’s picture or a picture of the crime has not been seen yet.

Needless to say, this act has been forwarded to PAWS, CARA and the PNP, for violation of RA 8485 and RA 10631.

Her father is now a wanted criminal, and she's now popular for all the wrong reasons. And did we say she might lose her job for this?

Rox’s Instagram, Facebook account and Twitter account has been deactivated eversince the incident, probably not being able to take the consequences for her fucking stupidity.

The daughter of the suspect is reportedly an employee of Sun Cellular. They’ve also been notified.

Pray for mercy, Rose Ann. The internet does not forgive and forget. And neither does the law when PAWS and CARA come into the case, known to be insanely relentless when it comes to animal cruelty cases.

Nice knowing you, Rose Ann Lizardo.