The image of those who believe in Iglesia ni Cristo has sunken to an all-time low with the injury of a mediaman while covering the now-unauthorized protest, along EDSA.

The identities of those that attacked the cameraman remain unidentified.

The victim, Merlchor Pinlac, a reporter for ABS-CBN, was roughened up by the people, accusing him of being ‘biased’ in reporting.

All these happened within the EDSA Shrine, with the iconic statue of the Virgin Mary, who ironically is held in low regard by the INC.

Another reporter from GMA-7 also experienced hostile treatment.

The church’s SCAN group helped maintain the order of the venue, which apparently did little to nothing at all, as angry protests from netizens decry the disruption that the protest brought, bringing the already-worse EDSA traffic to beyond nightmarish.

The protesters threatened more protests if the Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima is not removed or does not dismiss the complaints lodged againt the church’s internal council, a threat that has been widely condemned by theists and otherwise.


We will be honest here. We are disgusted. We won’t mince words, and frankly, fuck professionalism. They won’t listen to cordial words, but in hostile disparaging words, they will!

This is a fucking outrage and this is starting to look like EDSA 3. Actually, we’d like it to end up like EDSA 3, a humiliating failure.

The INC maggots are forgetting DUE PROCESS and RULE OF LAW, all because their oh-so beloved council has been threatened!

They rebuke that “we don’t know anything about it and should stay the hell out!”

You can’t say that to the rule of law which has EVERY FUCKING RIGHT to find out if the complaint IS FUCKING REAL! Can an accused priest cry “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE” when he gets investigated for sodomy by the police? HELL NO! Why should the INC be given an exception? NO ONE IS GRANTED AN EXCEPTION TO THE MOTHERFUCKING LAW OF THE FUCKING LAND!

At the rate these motherfuckers on the fucking road are going, they are so overprotective and overzealous that they are confirming that the complains are going to open a pandora’s box against the group!

Eliseo Soriano knows and can attest to mafia-styled goons that the religious group has employed against dissidents, sworn enemies and rebels of their ideals. It is also widely rumored they have a team of assassins who always escape charges because of the simple fact they work for the INC.

There’s also non-ADD (Ang Dating Daan) accounts of violence, and even murder of excommunicated people from their flock.

But as long as INC members keep key positions in the government, their crimes will always be protected from prosecution.

Now we are really seeing the INC group in the streets for who they really are; no different from the mafias of Chicago.

Isn’t it high time these mobsters are shown where they REALLY belong? The people should not be afraid anymore. They should not fear the fact the INC has hired guns and goons. They should not fear their bloc voting powers. They should not fear their exclusive mandate of heaven and hell for everyone else who don’t believe, join, or who has left them.

If people can condemn and rout a lowly Bureau of Customs official who defended the corrupt practices of the customs, they can tell the overzealous and conceited members of the religion who think they can bend the law to their will to GO FUCK THEMSELVES.

If it takes an internet-wide, inter-religion, international condemnation against them for this to happen, then SO BE IT!

And if we hear death threats, criminal actions like what happened to the coffee shop of Anthony Taberna, or even murder attributed directly to the INC after the wide condemnation, then it will confirm what everybody knew of the religion all along. And that will be the end.

Nobody will believe that they are the Church of Christ anymore. Even Satan or Lucifer would spit at them in disgust and wouldn’t want to do anything with them. Hell would be too good for the likes of those.