The Iglesia ni Cristo defenders who took part or are sympathetic to their minister or Internal Council’s recent actions of protesting against the Department of Justice has been told by command to proceed to the streets for an alleged “show of power” and protest against so-called “politcal persecution” and has demanded their own skewed view of “separation of church and state.”

But people who know the law sees what they’re all crying about is moot. Since the complaint has been lodged in a legal procedure as prescribed by the legal system of the Republic of the Philippines, it is the obligation of the country’s justice system to check out the complaint’s veracity.

These special snowflakes think they hold privilege to be exempt from a legal system prescribed by rule of law since they promote bloc voting for certain political candidates.

That there is the bloodiest form of hypocrisy.

Read now the top 5 alibis INC members give when they are interrogated as to why they are out to disrupt the streets.

5. “There’s a concert for us!”


4. “If the Catholics can do it with Pope Francis and the Black Nazarene, so can we!”

Such idiotic alibi!


Dumbfuck! Pope Francis’ visit and the Black Nazarene’s are all planned and well coordinated, with peaceful and solemn intentions. The INC is just that; a protest with anarchic hues.

3. A show of “force”

And thus the agenda seems darker, as expected!

As allegedly sent to TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES. Later proven to be a hoax despite being really plausible. It was also later admitted by INC lawyers that the protest was for the group “to be heard”.

2. “We are being bullied and under attack!”

Oh look, he's leading a war! How scary~!

A call to war for fellow INC members by someone identifying as Charles Edward Santos (aka PRINCE SANTOS) and the INC Defenders Facebook group, which is nothing more than a gloating, taunting, and provoking group boasting their destination to Heaven while all else goes to Hell.

Sounds like what ISIS have been spewing from their backside.

1. “Our minister just told us to come here!”

Just told to come to the streets without knowing what the separation of church and state is? Really?

If they don’t know what the articles of constitution truly means, it just amplifies the allegations they’re nothing more than sheep. No wait, zombies would be more appropriate. With the inability to critically think and question their church’s actions, under the pain of expulsion, they aren’t so sure what they’re fighting for either. Or are brainwashed to think that the government is bullying them, when in fact the religious group are the bullies looking to be above the law.

That’s a lot of Zeros.

Do they INDEED know what they are fighting for and why?