An army of presumably multilevel marketing or networking employees invaded Facebook posts and even certain articles of TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES after the page’s editorial of how multilevel marketing employees are probably asked to drive around in luxury and designer cars to entice people. This apart from the news of Tax Evasion case filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue against Royale Business Club, a multilevel marketing company.

Multilevel marketing companies in the Philippines appear to be very much hated by people not only because of the risky business model, but the way they’re tricked into joining the company. They have been compared to a pyramiding scheme, but with actual sellable products, to make their operations legitimate. The talent of being a salesperson is not for everyone, as it requires charisma, connections and talent. For the unprepared and those who have been tricked into coming into an orientation, it can get only worse.

The tales of being tricked usually comes from innocent invitations of drinks or even concerts, only to find out later that it is nothing more but a pre-employment orientation. Many relationships, friendships and family ties have been reported destroyed after such an invitation. Perhaps this is because no one wants to be associated with a swindler or a smooth talker, the stigma many multilevel marketing people suffer from. As people know the networking company for the first time in this way, the company’s reputation is tarnished as well.

Company operatives usually goad at critical people and naysayers saying they do not have positive attitudes or an open mind, or even the patience to persevere. Other employees claim they do not trick people, despite many people saying otherwise. They’re probably the more ethical employees who does it clean and simple, but what the company actually teaches to get people to sign up is anybody’s guess.

Due to the unabated trickery by certain unscrupulous multilevel marketing employees towards people, the stigma of networking has persisted to this very day. Making the situation worse is the fact existing employees or even company officials refuse to acknowledge or take action against people who misrepresent invitations, dismissing them as negative criticism, jealousy, or crab attitude, ignoring the possibility that not all of the mudslinging is mud. The victim is also afraid to make complaints fearing it would be ignored, laughed at, ridiculed or may even face retaliation.

Royale offers health supplements and drinks while Frontrow focuses on beauty products. The oldest existing companies relying on referrals and connections are the likes of Natasha and Avon, whose products are actually well known and prominent enough. Their employees are asked to sell these products with the promise of an unimaginable income potential, claiming that it would be big enough to replace a dayjob. Getting people to join, otherwise known as referrals, provides benefits. Some people attest to this business, while some do not.


Remember this word whether you’re taking your chances with something like Royale or Frontrow, or just looking for employment in general: YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.

Read up, research, ask around and weigh the facts. Only then can you make sound judgment.