The news of KFC Philippines’ Double Down Dog has unsurprisingly reached foreign attention, particularly in American shores, who wasted no time featuring, praising, and ridiculing it.

This despite being a time and serving-limited item as of posting time.

Netizens reactions towards the Double Down Dog was a protest of being yet another sick creation, while others find it delectable.

Yet others couldn’t help but wonder if there’s an innuendo sneaked into it.

Did we mention it turned gaming news sites into a food review site?

Reactions ranged from seriously protesting to downright wacky.

Y’all need to be arrested, kfc. This is a crime against humanity.

KFC is calling this “outrageously meaty KFC Double Down Dog” a “legendary sandwich,” but we’re not sure if it’s worth risking a heart attack for.

That’s horrible. Anyone knows that the only way to make that work would be with smoked sausage and buffalo sauce on the chicken. Now we’re talking!

I’m as much of a carnivore as the next guy. Love me a good steak on the grill, burgers, ribs, whatever. Even hot dogs. But this just looks disgusting.

Think instead of “Double Down Dog,” it should be called “Double Bypass Dog.” (a Heart Attack Grill jab- ed)

Its more fun in the Philippines along with a serving of diabetes

Maybe I am a pervert, but this looks sexual to me for some reason. Also, just to note, I love hot dogs, I love fried chicken, mixing still sounds tasty, but this looks fucking nauseating.

If your body is a temple, then the double down is like taking a dump on the altar.

Disgusting… just absolutely disgusting.

That’s the nastiest looking thing I’ve seen outside of Bizarre Foods. Someone call Andrew Zimmern. I bet even he wouldn’t eat that slop.

I want to taste this horribleness for myself. But should I? Is the fried vagina worth the angina?

Wrap the weiner in bacon before putting in the “chicken bun” and call it a Triple Bypass. Then we’re talkin!

This should be under the not safe for work category.

American fast food is poisoning the PI now.

What’s next? A ‘Double-Down’ chili dog?

If they start selling this in the states, I’ll be the 1st in line!

When are they bringing it to the US? How Much will it cost?

Son of a…what?…is that REAL? Is…is that supposed to be food?! (also, if you put that in front of me right now, I would totally eat it.)

It looks terrible. I want to eat two of them.

Looks just like what my dog shat out yesterday.

nothing like having your weiner between two breasts


Considering it’s a wiener between 2 breasts, the name should be The TittyFuck Sandwich from KFC.

So when is this tasty treat coming to the USA? They should call it ‘The Double Down Weiner’

Would u eat this? In select KFCs in Philippines. Oh ‘Murica. exporting obesity/heart attacks worldwide doubledowndog

I can’t help it but this new @kfc ‘Double Down Dog’ looks somehow kinky …

It was love at first bite!

A phallic object between two breasts, well played KFC

I think my heart just exploded from seeing that picture

KFC product dev team have good weed

Because the choice of whether you want fried chicken or a hot dog is difficult.

Why hasn’t Obama held a press conference to address the existence of the KFC Double Down Dog yet, what is he hiding from us

I think my cholesterol went up a few points just looking at the pic.

This hot dog doesn’t look like it’s been sexually responsible


My body is ready!

I think my colon exploded just by looking at the thing.

Looks like I’ll get a heart attack by looking at it, I love it. 100% going to try this

KFC took cholesterol to a whole new level lmao

Unfortunately, it looks like the Double Down Dog will be a Philippines-only meal right now, like the Zinger Double Down Burger was in South Korea. KFC Australia reportedly expressed no plans to bring it to Aussie shores. KFC Philippines as well mentioned no plans of bringing it to the USA.

To all our US fans wanting to try the doubledowndog, sadly it’s only available KFC Philippines. Start booking your trip now!