Two MMDA constables are being hailed as ‘good samaritans’ after a Facebook post relating how they lent money to a 19-year-old motorist went viral on Tuesday.

According to Jomai Moreno, he was involved in a car crash in EDSA Guadalupe on his way home to Bulacan after dropping a friend off at the airport.

The other party involved demanded a payment of P2,000, but Moreno was then only carrying enough money to pay the toll.

The constables approached Moreno, and started to negotiate with the other party upon learning about the price demanded.

“Naawa ako sa bata. Sabi ko, ‘Abonohan ko na lang kaya. Magkano nga, ma’am?’ Two thousand daw. Sabi ko, ‘Baka puwedeng babaan naman po sa P1,500 kasi hindi naman ganoong kalaki ang tama, kumpara mo kay sir, talagang dent na dent ‘yung hood niya.’ Kung gusto raw naming tulungan si sir, tulungan raw namin, (I felt pity for the kid. I told him ‘I could shoulder it. How much is it?’ They said it was two thousand. I said ‘Maybe you could lower it to P1,500 because the damage wasn’t big, compared to sir’s, that was really a dent on the hood.’ They quipped that if we wanted to help him, we should go ahead,)” MMDA constable Tetchie Carmona said in a report on “24 Oras Weekend” on Sunday.

“Tinawag ko ‘yung kasamahan ko. Sabi ko, ‘May pera ka din ba diyan? Tara, buuin na lang natin ‘yung P1,500. (I called my companions. I asked, ‘Do you have money there? Let’s pool the P1,500 together.’)”

Carmona was referring to co-constable Maria Sol Acosta.

The money lent by the two constables was part of their daily allowance.

Moreno greatly exalted the act over Facebook, promising to pay the constables back, which he did a few days later.

Constable Carmona admitted to sympathizing with Morena’s plight, and having no one to turn to in such a situation.

Because of how MMDA constables are often perceived as corrupt and predatory on the road, the act of kindness has been widely celebrated and commended by the social media.

“If only the whole lot of them were like that…”

“Really? Wow!! God bless to both of them.”


“Proof that there are still good people in the world.”

While what they did is an infraction of traffic incident rules of siding with a party, it appears that the MMDA tolerated it due to the good outcome of the incident and the public is given another reason to give the MMDA constables another look.