Amidst the unfortunate tragedy in the Davao City night market last Saturday, Sepetmber 2, there were scumbags who actually were happy with what happened.

Is it because it was a minus point against Duterte? Is it because they supported someone like Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party? Or heaven forbid, Leila De Lima? Or even Miriam Defensor Santiago?

Because this kind of act is an eyesore that should be excised from society, let’s look for those who reveled at the expense of the grief of others.

Note: These are most likely verified and authentic Facebook accounts, but some may be just troll accounts done to avoid backlash. It may be likely some of those that did not react further may have been framed by others.

All those posted here are thus verified of their actions. We do not in any way encourage meting of social justice to the following. Doing so is at your own risk. Spratlys Charade will not be responsible for any untoward actions as a result of people taking matter to their own hands, or listing names below.

1. Jean Nunez Ladra (active)

Where is this woman's empathy?

Under the excuse that she’s just speaking her mind, people aren’t buying her story. Very soon, she began hurting from the backlash.

Oh, she can't take the heat huh?

Indeed, a remorseless troll who resorted to logging in to her alternate account because can’t take the heat.

And the people who saw the post are anything but happy.

"This is the face of the woman who was delighted about the explosion in Davao that killed 14 people"

I’m sure her workplace at Asialink Finance Corporation and Green Circle Realty Sales Inc. would be very interested about this.

2. Christopher Chug (Facebook Profile Hidden)

You thought he was sympathetic. Far from it.

Most likely a Liberal Party supporter, this retard hid his Facebook account well.

But not his Instagram account.

His Twitter account is however protected, probably from all the wrath.

An Ateneo de Manila alumnus, a known supporter of Liberal Party personalities, such gloating messages came as no surprise.

Why, his Twitter account tagline says, “all for the love of Christ and life!”

Jesus Christ, that’s some of the purest form of hypocrisy there.

I wonder what would his employers and team leader at Sitel would think of his stupidity?

3. Aymato Talba Twad (Facebook account destroyed)

An example of how Anonymity makes people do moves of extreme cowardice.

An obvious troll account with nonsensical details. True user currently unknown. But you do know that’s against Facebook’s rules, right?

An internet tough guy that probably doesn't do jack shit IRL.

Thus, this man of utter hatred (YOU HATE ME, I HATE YOU. YOU LIKE ME, I HATE YOU) has been appropriately excised by Facebook like the cancer that he is.

Revenge is sweet.

And nobody will miss him. Good fucking riddance.

We heard Facebook is extra tough on people like him attempting to return. Haha.

Come back to this post for more as information about these kinds of creatures pretending to be human beings are being verified. And of course, spread the word around. Such behavior of people should never be tolerated.