Kickboxing, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts matches, before the actual match, have staredowns, where both competitors face each other right before the fight. But some fighters have added a twist to that, by unexpectedly kissing their opponent on the lips, in an unexpected act that would be often, the ultimate provocation.

We’re not so sure either if that would sit well with yaoi fans, let alone MMA fans.

The Daily Dot chronicled the pre-fight staredowns that involved puckering up. Whether it became a curse to the enemy as a kiss of death, or it became the ultimate waterloo, varies.

THE FIRST PREFIGHT KISS: May 4, 1995: Jerome Le Banner vs. Mike Bernardo

The result was a reciprocation, with both men having mutual respect for each other. Unfortunately, it was the kiss of death for Bernardo, match-wise, and later in 2012, literally.

But I’m sure he doesn’t mind that one bit, wherever he is now.

THE SECOND PREFIGHT KISS: Dec. 31, 2005: Yoshihiro Nakao vs. Heath Herring

This did not end well for Nakao-san as Herring knocked the daylights out of him way too early. The match was at first, declared as a disqualification against Herring, then later reconsidered as a no-contest ruling.

THE THIRD PREFIGHT KISS: Aug. 6, 2011: Alex Reid vs. Jason Barrett

Chances are, this is the first prefight kiss you’ve seen around. After a long and hostile staredown, the icebreaker came from Reid, who did the then-unthinkable kiss. Needless to say, that got Barrett all worked up.

And it proved to be Reid’s kiss of death over Barrett, as it resulted in a victory by submission.

THE FOURTH PREFIGHT KISS: UFC 162: Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman

This one was like the first, surprisingly cordial, despite clashing head-to-head, and the kiss was not obvious this time.

But he got jeers as well, and later news revealed Silva has connections to other genders.

Fate was not kind to Silva either, getting pwned not once, but twice, and with injuries to boot, courtesy of Weidman.

Now that we are exposed to the possibility of a man kiss being real… every staredown now offers plenty to the imagination to conceive.

Notwithstanding that this act, between two men, was an actual greeting from long time ago (at least in the cheeks, not commonly at the lips), now reduced to a taboo as it implied homosexuality, at least to homophobes.