A new chapter in the Marvel VS. Capcom series seems to be in the works, as per the report of the Facebook page DC/Marvel-Comics/Movies.

First reported as a verbal rumor, a screenshot of the supposed teaser was next uploaded.

Here’s what was reported so far.

It Begins…. Yesdayday, we reported on the rumor that the fourth chapter in the Marvel vs. Capcom series could be revealed next week at PlayStation Experience. Now, keep in mind that the title is very much rumored, with no official word from either Marvel or Capcom, so nothing has been set in stone. So, we’ll see…..

It can be recalled that Marvel VS. Capcom 3 and its Ultimate update was pulled out as the license from Marvel was not renewed when Disney Studios acquired Marvel Comics.

Looks like Disney is ready to make it happen again, if this rumor is indeed true. Disney has had previous engagements with Capcom over creating games based on their franchise, such as Duck Tales, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, and more.