Now here’s another one for the books, and something that can be bragged everywhere.

Davao Nikkei Jin Anime Club and Bisayaball collaborated for an anime-styled opening sequence featuring, yes, you guessed it, President Rodrigo Duterte, complete with Japanese OP song for the truly authentic Japanese Anime feel.

The Philippine Hokage, huh? Titled as EL PRESIDENTE – フイリピン火影 (The Philippine Hokage), the Fil-Japanese people of Davao sure know their skills.

Too bad key elements of the Duriam fandom wasn’t in it (that school sequence doesn’t have Miram Defensor Santiago in it, sadly), but hey, for a fanmade, it was quite good. It uses Naruto Shippuden’s OP music 16 titled ‘Silhouette’ by KANA-BOON though.

There were also OP eyecandies that are levels David Animation is on.

They got this spot-on. Looks like the real thing and looks like stuff professional anime studios would output. That’s Duterte’s simplistic and nondescript house.

That dilly-dallying stages, we know that well. Everyone can remember this, everyone egged him to run for President yet he wasn’t into it until months later.

Hey look, a shoutout to Duriam Chronicles. His San Beda tenure, or a Duriam shoutout. Probably the former, since no one resembling Miram Defensor Santiago is there.

That firebrand presidential campaign no one will ever forget. The presidential campaign that was quite controversial yet memorable.

The first Mindanaoan President. Not one of the ogliarchs saw his victory coming.

Allan Peter Cayetano, in all his his animefied glory. The vice-president that was never to be, because he had to whoop ass in the Senate for Duterte’s sake.

Wow, looking good there, Bato-kun. Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa, in his glorious animefication.

...And you can't have anime stuff without poking fun at chrome-domes like Bato Dela Rosa. …with the classic ‘KIRA’, Yeah.

The classic nemesis overview. Can you guess who they are? Why does that obviously female green monster with brown hair look suspiciously familar? Have I seen her somewhere?

The montage of terrorists our hero must face. Yeah, we know them. Do you? The terrorists, nuff said.

It's yellow for a reason. And I know you know why. Guess what that scenery’s yellow, and who’s in the background.

PH and Japan have come a long way from being friends and enemies in the past hundred years. This is a play on how Abe was more than enthusiastic about meeting Duterte, and how he became a really popular figure in Japanese talk shows.

Well will you look at that. Nice work, Davao Nikkei-jins. You're going to be as good, if not better than David Productions someday. Three stars and a sun. In an anime-styled video. Francis Magalona is going to cry if he was only alive right now.