Wondered how a Phoenix feels like from the transformation from death to rebirth? Worried about your own mortality, and how it would be like when your time comes? (and that awful proposition of seeing your own body taken care of by cremation?)

Check out the life-death-and-rebirth ride, named Xinglai (awaken in English), the brainchild of founder Ding Rui. It costs 444 yuan for a two-hour session.

This odd amusement ride in China aims to allow its riders to come to terms with their own mortality and life problems by giving them a glimpse of the point of view of a corpse– and a newborn, and take home a sense of enlightenment and a renewed view of life.

The virtual crematorium is located in Shanghai and people going for the ride are asked to discuss a life and death scenario before deciding if they would put one of their fellow philosophers forward for death, or if they would sacrifice their own life.

The person with the worst explanation is selected for ‘death’, climbs inside the giant simulator and is fed through the machine feet first, with screens all around projecting images of rolling flames, as if to simulate an actual cremation.

After the virtual cremation, the person moves from the slab and crawls through a latex womb on their hands and knees, simulating their rebirth.

According to the reports from Reuters and Daily Mail UK, ridegoers reported a feeling of enlightenment, and coming to terms after the experience, with a ‘shift of mindset after the worthwhile experience’.

The mentioned ride isn’t the first in China however, and was preceded by ‘The Cremator’, in The Window of the World park in Shenzen, China.

The Cremator is a straightforward experience of what it’s like in an actual cremation, in its furious blazing glory, using lights, and hot air.

Needless to say, in a report also from The Daily Mail UK, it brought terror rather than bliss, with riders screaming and being drenched in sweat after the ride.

From The Daily Mail UK / Reuters