It didn’t take long for Joseph Robert B. Lu to find retribution against his Twitter antics. He thought the anonymity of the internet will protect him against the lashback, and probably thought setting his accounts to private would keep him safe. Unfortunately, he is well known, has exposed his PRC ID, and his mugshot is all over the place, and he soon came face to face with Duterte supporters who called him out and most likely confronted him on his antics.

In this video, Lu apologizes for his death threats against President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.

People still doubt his sincerity, and some people think a death threat against the President of the Philippines merits criminal charges in spite of an apology.

Whether he truly will reform and never go back the way he once was remains to be seen.

(Video originally by Yzmik Villanueva Virtucio in a live broadcast.)