Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued a decree banning his militant fighters from making more barbaric execution videos.

Al-Baghdadi reportedly sent letters to his media offices disallowing them to show graphic and violent scenes in videos they create.

According to the Daily Mail, Al-Baghdadi decided to stop releasing execution videos so as not to offend other Muslims who might think the videos are scary for their children.

The gruesome videos released by the Islamic State on the internet caught the attention of the world. It started last year with the beheading of an American hostage by ISIS militant known as “Jihadi John.” A series of similarly sadistic execution videos have since been released, which included victims being thrown off tall buildings and burned to death inside wooden cages.

The latest violent video released by the militant group involved a child warrior, believed to be no more than 10 years old and member of the Cubs of the Caliphate, beheading a captured Syrian army officer.

Al-Baghdadi’s order has reportedly divided members of the Islamic State. Some agree with the order; saying the gruesome videos are not good for the image of the Islamic State while others believe the execution videos scare their enemies.

A Syrian politician and lawyer, however, said that instead of just banning the release of barbarous videos, Al-Baghdadi should have ordered his fighters to stop the crime behind the scenes.

“ISIS does not care about their victims or the public, and that banning the broadcasting of such videos won’t eliminate the IS-led horrors that have been seen by people around the world over the past couple of years,” Ferid Hisso said.

He added, “Instead of banning the release of such videos, Baghdadi should have rather banned the crimes behind the scenes. But he has already justified the barbarism of his followers, and his decision makes no sense.”

It doesn’t change the fact either that people don’t like their brand of Islam, and their reputation is less than respectable. al-Baghadadi needs to do something more if he wants ISIS reputation to improve.

Like dissolving it and ceasing all operations.