We all know Rappler has been dubious in credibility, from clickbait editorials, twisted stories besmirching President Rodrigo Duterte without any balance, to their article contributors who either know nothing of the true situation of the Philippines or were obviously paid hacks.

According to recent development, Rappler is feeling the burn. And badly so.

Starting today, we will be aggressively deleting crude and disrespectful posts and comments that violate standards of civility.

Debates and discourse have always been anchored on basic principles of human decency, respect, and values.

We have zero tolerance for comments that curse, trash, degrade, humiliate and intimidate. Such behavior does little to inspire intelligent and informed discussion that is the foundation of a vibrant democracy.

Freedom of speech does not mean license to smear reputation and ruin credibility. Nor does it mean the freedom to be irresponsible and to defame. Freedom of speech, rather, is the recognition of the right of anyone to speak his or her mind, and to express a contrary view without being objectionable.

We are reclaiming our space as one that is safe from harassment on social media. No one should be afraid to write or speak what he or she thinks.

On Rappler, you should feel safe to express yourself without fear of being attacked and swarmed by an army of anonymous commenters who seek to silence and tame.

We welcome all views – as long as you’re respectful of others who may or may not agree with you. Our moderation will become stricter to create, safeguard and protect this safe space. #NoPlaceForHate

Coupled with the hashtag #NoPlaceForHate, no one really took them seriously considering they have been fermenting such things from their articles. The campaign would now cause dissenting comments to be removed, protesting reactions would be curtailed, and that’s just counting effects from the surface.

But will that mean Rappler will crack the whip on comment trolls? Perhaps that was their prime intention, but the timing for this campaign is anything but honest.

But we know one thing is for certain. Rappler is hurting. And now it claims to be in the moral high ground and designates itself as the moral police. But unfortunately, they aren’t in the position to be so, with sloppy reporting, ignorant articles and questionable writers and contributors.

Case in point: The article ’10 reasons why I am now a Dutertian’ written by UP professor Sylvia Claudio, which does not only disrespect and ridicule President Duterte but the 16 million Duterte supporters who voted for him as well. That article was downright hateful. Hidden behind sarcasm and a play of words to appear intellectual and sophisticated, it could not hide its true motive from prying eyes.

And blogger Thinking Pinoy challenged several writers of Rappler over their views, and even came as far as questioning their ethics, bringing up the matter to the news outfit sponsor, Omidyar Network.

This particular gem highlights Rappler’s hypocrisy, involving an employee connected to Rappler.

Some of them will dismiss Thinking Pinoy for simply being a blogger, but the blog has already shot down high personalities with plain old logic and evidence.

But one thing is for sure. Rappler is starting to sound like crybabies for grandstanding and having their agenda revealed, which could possibly threaten their income and could get them in trouble with their sponsor.

No sympathies for Rappler. In fact, they’ve had it coming.

Well boo fucking hoo. Nobody believes in you, Rappler.

PS. I wonder if they’re that twisted too in their Indonesian branch?