We’ve heard how the commission makes itself heard when criminals get their just desserts, often of the mortal kind, and when soldiers decisively defeats rebels, often complaining of overkill. Also when rallyists step over the line and the police do their job, they often complain.

But now that there’s policemen injured by rallyists, why are they SILENT?

Policemen are humans too and going by the CHR’s mandate, are subject to human rights as well.

Or is that selective human rights?

PNP Director General Ricardo Marques will not take the case sitting down in regards of the CHR’s inutile gesture in regards to the two policemen, from the PNP’s Intelligence Division.

The policemen were doing undercover work of filming the rallyists, when their cover got blown, and were beaten up mercilessly.

Marquez insists that the injured policemen, C/Insp. Antonio Anonayao, Jr. and PO1 Ruben Malagonio are on the line of duty when the incident happened.

He was spot on at pointing out one thing. CHR is fast when it comes to criminals being beaten by policemen, but are silent like crickets when it is the policemen who are seeking justice!

Marquez will push the case against the rallyists, no matter what.

Seeing CHR is nothing but a nuisance commission, we are surprised it has survived so much scrutiny, in and out of social media.

Seeing how they’re vocal when the police are on the defending end, but criminals and possible rebels, communists or misfits are accused, they are just quiet.

Someone should threaten them with dissolution if they keep up this ridiculously stupid selective enforcement. And we think Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would be more than happy to give such an ultimatum.