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What is the truth behind PHL BI Officer Sidney Roy Dimandal?

A Facebook post demonizing a Philippine Bureau of Immigration officer for unprofessional behavior has been making rounds and being circulated.

Proof that the Philippine Commission of Human Rights have one boss – COMMUNISTS!

We’ve heard how the commission makes itself heard when criminals get their just desserts, often of the mortal kind, and when soldiers decisively defeats rebels, often complaining of overkill. Also when rallyists step over the line and the police do their job, they often complain. But now that there’s policemen injured by rallyists, why are they SILENT?


And the day has finally come to pass: Microsoft Windows 10 is officially unveiled worldwide to a jaded audience who only saw the lackluster Windows 8 and 8.1.

Police arrest teen who built gun-firing drone, but it’s not because of what he built

The US teen who sparked an Internet sensation by building a small drone capable of firing a handgun, has been arrested July 23, and released on a $20,000 bond, police said.

Beached Orca whale aided by volunteers, freed when high tide came

An orca that was stranded on some rocks was kept alive for eight hours by a dedicated team of whale researchers and volunteers on the North Coast of British Columbia.

REALLY? – ISIS leader bans group from creating more gruesome execution videos

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued a decree banning his militant fighters from making more barbaric execution videos.

Philippines to host 2019 SEA Games

The Southeast Asian (SEA) Games will be returning to Manila, after hosting it in 1981, 1991 and 2005.

Sexist attacks on women in Vietnamese water resort in free-entry promo – and the ridiculous aftermath

This is what happens when the perfect storm of corporate greed, lack of planning, lack of security, and lack of restraint combines into a horrific incident still being talked about by Vietnamese people.

Little boy saves mother cat and kittens during typhoon

While heavy rains hit Manila due to typhoon “Egay” during the first week of July, 2015, a young boy lovingly protected a stray cat who had just given birth.

Kid Peña halts Makati City’s aid to over 600 sister-cities, now under audit

Acting Mayor Kid Peña has suspended the release of any assistance Makati City is giving to more than 600 sister-cities, GMA News TV’s News To Go reported on Monday.