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HOLLOW APOLOGY – Iglesia ni Cristo apologizes for actions, justifies inconvenience caused

Iglesia ni Cristo has apologized to the public for causing traffic congestion on Edsa on Friday night but at the same time appealed for understanding for their mass action.

The top 5 alibis Iglesia ni Cristo protesters give when asked to explain their actions

Read now the top 5 alibis INC members give when they are interrogated as to why they are out to disrupt the streets.

TRUE COLORS – Iglesia ni Cristo rallyists attacked and ganged up on mediamen, becoming more anarchic than ever!

The image of those who believe in Iglesia ni Cristo has sunken to an all-time low with the injury of a mediaman while covering the now-unauthorized protest, along EDSA.

The “SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES” of Iglesia ni Cristo demands Separation of Church and State, but condemns Due Process

Because of the complaint filed by Isaias Samson Jr. against the religion’s Internal Council for Illegal Detention, the religious group, through their followers, picketed at the main office of DOJ, claiming that the so-called “Illegal Detention” is an internal issue and should not be meddled with by the government.

THE GOOD SAMARITANS – MMDA Constables lent money to troubled teen motorist

Two MMDA constables are being hailed as ‘good samaritans’ after a Facebook post relating how they lent money to a 19-year-old motorist went viral on Tuesday.

Cebu Pacific plane lands safely with one engine broken

An ATR plane of Cebu Pacific bound for Caticlan was forced to return to Manila on the morning of January 8 with one engine out.

UTTER STUPIDITY – Saudi OFW in hot water over bomb joke

The woman said she did not know bomb jokes were a criminal offense.

Maria Ozawa, blamed for the miscarriage: “I did not jinx Robin Padilla’s triplets!”

Japanese actress Maria Ozawa cried foul after some Filipino netizens blamed her for the miscarriage of TV host Mariel Rodriguez, wife of her former co-star Robin Padilla.

Allizon Villanueva, self-proclaimed future son-in-law of animal murderer Antonio O. Lizardo threatens bashers of Rose Ann Lizardo

In a great but rare display of utter stupidity and wanton disregard of Philippine animal humane laws, self-proclaimed “boyfriend” of Rose Ann Lizardo, Allizon Villanueva, showed “his” great displeasure at the fact that “his” so-called “girlfriend” is feeling the wrath of the social media for sharing and boasting about a criminal act done by her father.


Another animal murderer has been spotted, identified as Antonio O. Lizardo, who also shot dead his neighbor’s dog out of annoyance from the dog’s barking. The incident is reminiscent of the report of Dominador Capispisan doing the exact criminal act, for an ex-policeman.