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PH OIL INDEPENDENCE? – “Viable” oil field discovered in Cebu

Australian firm Gas2Grid, who has been conducting oil drilling in the Philippines, has formally announced the approval by the Energy Department of its application to declare the Malolos-1 oil well on the shore of the province of Cebu as an “oil discovery.”

Arise, the Double Down Dog copycats

Because of the Philippines-only Double Down Dog release, there were attempts to recreate this meal, some at the convenience of their own homes.

The KFC Double Down Dog: Bring it to the USA!

The news of KFC Philippines’ Double Down Dog has unsurprisingly reached foreign attention, particularly in American shores, who wasted no time featuring, praising, and ridiculing it.

Barangay Salawag: Now FPS games are banned as well

From the infamous Barangay in Cavite that made themselves famous for banning DotA in their jurisdictions, now they’ve added to the list of games that will be forbidden in that area; PointBlank and CrossFire are now banned as well.

Just like Floyd: Marlene Aguilar’s challenge answered by Mystica; gets blocked from messaging!

The Pope and Catholic-hating Marlene Aguilar has met her match: The similarly-controversial Mystica, who married a much younger man.

More Aguilar Scandals: Marlene Aguilar challenges Pope to a MMA match

Eversince the scandal of Freddie Aguilar marrying a minor (in which said minor has come of age, making the issue moot) it seems scandals have …

And then there was Lavinia Herbert

Those who grew up with A Little Princess and those who watched its Anime, movie and TV adaptation knows all too well the villainous blonde that antagonized poor Sarah to no end.

Now, along with Sarah, she too has been given a social media voice in the 21st century, through a dedicated Facebook page.