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PHL Culture Commission clarifies: Earlier statements by culture educator do not reflect our stance on Josie Rizal

Due to a clarification and angry Tekken players flooding the Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) social media outlets, the government culture body issued a disclaimer that they are not opposing Josie Rizal, though they intend to review the situation.

Talim’s Descendant? Josie Rizal is newest Tekken 7 fighter, and second Filipina fighting game character

First it was Talim from Soul Calibur, the very first fighting game and video game character who is confirmed to be a Filipino. Now a second one, also from the same publisher of Soul Calibur, but this time in Tekken: Josie Rizal.

Philippines to remain the only country where divorce is illegal

Senators have rejected a proposal to legalize divorce in the Philippines despite surveys showing majority of Filipinos agreed to legalize “irreconcilably separated” couples.

Why you should never flaunt your misdeeds in social media

So learned Ash Dela Cruz, whose husband flashed a dirty finger at a parked police car, in a stunt to look cool at doing so at supposedly corrupt cops.

The hunt for the next KFC Double Down recipe is on!

Right from the heels of the Double Down Dog, KFC is looking for new ideas for their KFC Double Down as the KFC Double Down Dog is soon to near its end of distribution.

Euro safety watchdog: Many Chinese products dangerous!

From toy-shaped cigarette lighters to a short-circuiting plush rabbit that catches fire, Vera Jourova, the European commissioner for consumer affairs warned of a growing number of dangerous products for sale, with most coming from China.


Any information leading to the location and perhaps, arrest of Limon may be shared with the Facebook group against Massive Gaming, or local law enforcement agencies.

Comic Sans MS used in Court of Appeals papers?

As the brouhaha in Makati City boiled on, with Vice Mayor Peña’s installation as acting mayor taking place, the Court of Appeals prevents the Vice Mayor from performing.

THANK YOU – Mystery civilian gives soldiers donuts

A man, who only introduced himself as Dexter Koh, purchased dozens of donuts for members of the Philippine Army participating in an event at the Bonifacio Global City on Sunday afternoon of March 15.

THE ROYAL BUTTHURT – Tax troubles and the stigma of being a con

An army of presumably multilevel marketing or networking employees invaded Facebook posts and even certain articles of TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES after the page’s editorial of how multilevel marketing employees are probably asked to drive around in luxury and designer cars to entice people. This apart from the news of Tax Evasion case filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue against Royale Business Club, a multilevel marketing company.