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OUCH – A new contender to the ‘most painful thing you’ll ever see’, figuratively and literally

If you thought the wasted KFC bucket strewn on the ground was bad, well this image intends to challenge that.

Newest Philippine honesty champion – Noel Lorilla

Poverty did not stop Noel Lorilla from doing the right thing; returning lost articles. In his case, he returned misplaced money worth PHP 1 million.

Be careful where you rant in the internet

Or you might end up with embarrassments like this.


Miss-Xprimnt have been aware all along of the dramas surrounding Josie Rizal and her creation, Xana Dalisay. She renewed her appeal to stop all activities and spamming about Xana Dalisay’s Tekken appearance, once and for all.

CAN’T MOVE ON? – Never-heard-of minority group insists a never-heard-of character in Tekken 7 instead of Josie Rizal

Allow us to fill you in about the situation and as to why Xana Dalisay, the girl insisted by a bunch of nobodies to replace Josie Rizal in Tekken 7, has been universally panned as fancruft even by her creator.

Cat Cafe Manila on soft opening

They might’ve been beaten to the punch, but Cat Cafe Manila is ready for operations. They are holding a soft opening this Saturday, April 11, …

Jed’s Island Resort Gundam knockoff now rendered into usable 3D model

The infamous Gundam knockoff in Jed’s Island Resort in landlocked Calumpit, Bulacan province, has been turned into a 3D model for general use.

IT’S NOT XENOPHOBIA – Why foreigners can’t crucify themselves in local Good Friday rituals in Pampanga

The Philippines is known for its Holy Week rituals, including that of the Passion of Jesus Christ, becoming a tourist attraction in itself. But some foreigners have taken a liking to it and wanted to be part of the attraction, and not being mere spectators. Sadly, that is not happening in towns like San Fernando, Pampanga, where foreigners are banned from taking part in the Crucifixion ritual.

ALL IS WELL – Harada assures Filipino Tekken fans Josie Rizal is safe, and NCCA will not hinder her

Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada announced in Twitter the news that every fans hoped for; The National Commission for Culture and Arts will not meddle with Josie Rizal, and that she is safe.

Namco-Bandai’s Harada: I’d rather delete Josie Rizal than rename her!

Tekken fans all over the internet were sent panicking after Katsuhiro Harada’s statement of deleting Josie Rizal, this time under the so-called orders of the Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts.