Poverty did not stop Noel Lorilla from doing the right thing; returning lost articles. In his case, he returned misplaced money worth PHP 1 million.

Hired as a security guard for the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development in Daraga, Albay province, he saw the stashed plastic bag with cash and checks while on duty.

Lorilla’s first instinct was to find the rightful owner of the money.

The money was eventually returned, and was revealed to belong to the Local Government Unit of Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon, to be used for government social pension beneficiaries.

Lorilla was given a certificate of commendation.

DSWD Bicol Regional Director Arnel Garcia hailed Lorilla as one of the government employees that serve as inspiration and worthy of emulation.

For his part, he cited honesty as a prime trait above educational attainment, when it comes to attitudes.

“Do not take interest in things that does not belong to you,” quoted Lorilla.

(source: dzmm @ ABS-CBN)