Eversince the scandal of Freddie Aguilar marrying a minor (in which said minor has come of age, making the issue moot) it seems scandals have taken a liking to the Aguilar family.

Take the attention-whoring Marlene Aguilar as an example.

During the visit of Pope Francis, Marlene has unleashed incendiary posts accusing the Pope as a “force of darkness”, reminiscent of how certain born-again denominations openly ridicule Catholics as idol-worshippers, or how Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t share favorable views of the Pope similarly.

Needless to say, Marlene has attracted, if not already immersed much hostility.

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Screenshot 2015-01-20 00.38.12

Marlene must be smoking some batshit-insane kind of dope to come up with such allegations. And outlandish as they are, we think she’s, yes, sick in the head.

She’s unfortunately, proud of it. She’s gone far to claim she has “detached her emotions” from it. We think she’s a professional attention whore, and she’s showing signs of a typical born-again nutbag who will vigorously challenge Catholic beliefs in every opportunity.

Fucked up as she is, it’s hard to gauge whether an overload of hatred until she breaks down or deafening silence and apathy will put an end to her idiocy.

She can only go so far with her blind ideals based on nothing but conspiracy theories. It’s one thing to use real issues (as she is known to post news critical of the Catholic Church), and another to use outright fabrication, fantasy, and lies (as seen).

We’re not gonna link her Facebook page. It’s just cancer aplenty. You have been warned.