MMDA has launched an app called ‘Friend Trip‘ that lets you carpool with Facebook friends.

Friend Trip is an app developed by Megamobile Inc. and powered by Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA). The app aims to help reduce traffic by carpooling with friends on Facebook.

The app links to a Facebook account so trips can be scheduled and rides offered to friends, letting users join trips scheduled by friends, and record all trips offered and joined. Tracking and statistics by MMDA to monitor trips can be opted in.

The app is a free download and requires an Internet connection. It is currently available for Android devices while the iOS version is coming soon.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) expressed its support of the app but warned users to practice safety precautions while using it.

Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesperson Senior Supt. Bartolome Tobias said the app’s users should make sure that their Facebook friends are also their friends offline.

The PNP also said that users should be wary in revealing their activities on social media.

“Criminal elements may pose as your friend and know the exact details of your travel activities, if your security profile is not safe,” Tobias said.

He also warned against overloading a vehicle as it may lead to an accident.

Other precautions advised by the PNP include:

  • As much as possible, set posts to private. See to it that all your posts can only be seen by your immediate family or true friends.
  • Validate social media accounts of your friends and family. This can help eliminate fake or poser accounts who may have criminal intents.
  • Adopt safety tips while travelling. Make sure to check “B.L.O.W.B.A.G.E.T.S.” or the break, light, oil, water, battery, air, gas, engine, tools, and self.