Unscrupulous hands have been long pestering the Tekken communities and Bandai Namco Project Manager Katsuhiro Harada to accept an original character, Xana Dalisay, into the roster and game canon. This started right after her creation, and got worse when Harada first tweeted about Dalisay.

But now that he has committed to Josie Rizal, it is unlikely, if not totally impossible, for Dalisay to make any screen time at all officially.

Miss-Xprimnt have been aware all along of the dramas surrounding Josie Rizal and her creation, Xana Dalisay. She renewed her appeal to stop all activities and spamming about Xana Dalisay’s Tekken appearance, once and for all.

Wow I never knew this OC would have a fan base as well as cause a problem for Mr. Harada.

Mr. Harada, if you receive this message, I apologize for the harassment of the fans of this original character.

Guys, I have not been on this account for a while. I thank you guys for the support of this character, but please do not bother Mr. Harada about making this character a reality.
As cool as it would be to have my OC as a real character, looking back she is very under-developed. I just designed her like how a fan writes a fanfiction (does that makes sense). Her design is very generic and today, I would completely redesign her; making her more relevant, cuter and design her to be more canon to the story. Maybe even changing her name. (Plus her anatomy is all wrong lol, I have improved so much)

I thank you guys for the support and I am sorry once again, Mr. Harada for all the trouble this has caused. For now everyone, Xana Dalisay will remain as work from a fan unless I am contacted to make this character some how a reality.
So please do not state it as official, PLEASE DO NOT SPAM about her and let’s look forward to the new Tekken 7 with the new Filipino character(if she is Filipino, I am pretty excited for this 🙂 )

If you happen to campaign for Xana Dalisay for an official Tekken appearance, STOP RIGHT NOW.