Japanese actress Maria Ozawa cried foul after some Filipino netizens blamed her for the miscarriage of TV host Mariel Rodriguez, wife of her former co-star Robin Padilla.

Rodriguez suffered another miscarriage days after Padilla backed out from the movie “Nilalang,” where he was supposed to co-star with Ozawa.

Replying to negative comments made by Internet users, Ozawa wrote: “If you have something to say to me, then say it in English so I can understand you.”

“And blaming me for the miscarriage is wrong,” she added.

When asked directly by a fan if she feels “happy” about what happened to Padilla’s wife, Ozawa said: “Why do you sound like as if I wanted that to happen? You’re such a crazy person… and cold-hearted.”

Early this week, Ozawa called Padilla “unprofessional” after he withdrew from “Nilalang” days before their scheduled filming.

Padilla decided to pull out of the project to take care of his wife, who was then pregnant with triplets. Days later, the tragic miscarriage, the second to have happened to the couple, was sadly announced.

As for the idiot(s) who grilled Ozawa for the rebuke towards Robin, it is just as uncalled for.

We ask both fans of the Japanese adult actress and the bad boy to practice restraint and civility.