Embattled Makati City mayor Junjun Binay quickly dismissed the growing anti-Binay sentiments on the social media, saying many of these people are ‘bayaran’ or paid hacks.

As if his supporters don’t look like the typical “hired mercenaries” instantly blinded by food rations and simple treats. Those that picketed at the City Hall when the suspension order was released and practically padlocked the place. This is probably the tactic that will be employed to entice voters, blinding them from the filth the Binays really are.


Also, the same supporters confronted the team that would serve the suspension order.

And there’s a twist to the story. The Vice Mayor and father of Junjun Binay confronted the police himself, showing the world how much of a scum he truly is.

We wonder what is the business of the VP in a city here? Oh wait, don't answer that.

As if people don’t know enough already, given how much of a chicken the Mayor’s father is, when it came to debates, and especially Senate hearings, where he has yet to attend even just one.

We should've known how "courageous" the Binays are, from the time he chickened out of this challenge.

But for Junjun Binay to call out critics as paid hacks, while they themselves entice supporters by simply giving them their daily bread… that’s simply calling the pot kettle black.

And so, the Binays showed to the world what they are: HYPOCRITES.

Oh, and did we tell you he claimed that the Binays ARE responsible for Makati City’s wealthy status?

Full of your own self, aren't you, Junjun?