While heavy rains hit Manila due to typhoon “Egay” during the first week of July, 2015, a young boy lovingly protected a stray cat who had just given birth.

The unnamed young boy didn’t mind huge waves from Manila Bay and used a plastic sheet to give the cat and kittens some shelter.

Photojournalist Linus Escandor of Manila Bulletin captured the touching scene. He said he chanced upon the unusual act of kindness while taking photos of the waves at the Baywalk area on Sunday. The photo has since reached pages of various social networking sites, some people even remarking it has restored faith in humanity.

Escandor said he failed to get the identity of the boy but he had been informed that an animal welfare group was able to rescue the cats. (CARA, is this you?)

We say, BRAVO to this little boy with compassion to animals like cats.