Japan has invaded us again and again. First, as immigrants to the south. Then in a hostile manner in World War II. After that, economic and technological innovations. And lately, with tourists and pop cultures like anime, manga, and figurines.

And now, we have an anime about girls topbilled as saviors of mankind, based on real life World War 2 warships from Japan battling the scourge that comes from the deep sea, the abyssals, once implied to be representations and inspired by historical adversaries Japan faced back then.

TV5 is reviving its AniMega program block, a throwback to its anime offerings previously as ABC-5. Having shown recent anime titles such as Code Geass and even Shakugan no Shana before undergoing a hiatus, this time, Kantai Collection – Kancolle: Animation Sequence is lined up.

This should be a rather mixed news to Kancolle players of the Philippines, some who are wary of Filipino dubbing. However, TV5 was reputed to have done better quality in dubs, compared to ABS-CBN, who, reportedly due to lack of dubbing talents, ended up with female protagonists in various series sounding exactly the same.

Kantai Collection will be shown on TV5 every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 5:15 PM.

Get to the TV, cable or look for live streaming.


Jump into the game using your browser or android phone. Requires some Japanese language and culture knowledge.
Then learn how many of Kantai Collection shipgirls real life counterparts are shipwrecked in here.