Floyd Mayweather, a boxing champion widely panned for dodging challenges by Philippine boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, now has a female counterpart.

The Pope and Catholic-hating Marlene Aguilar has met her match: The similarly-controversial Mystica, who married a much younger man.

Aguilar cowardly deleted the feisty Mystica’s acceptance over Facebook and blocked her.

However, later developments reveal that the fight seems to be finally going real, so says DJ Charlie Lozo a.k.a. Charlie Potatoe, who has contacts with the two.

Marlene wants a waiver that will release criminal liability and there should be no media coverage.

Mystica will detail the account at a tv show scheduled for the weekend.

This is a far interesting mixup than Floyd, so far. More entertaining so, if it indeed turns into a fight to the death.

Unfortunately, Marlene may want to rethink the whole challenge and fighting. She’s not a new face to getting in trouble with the law, and this whole fiasco may be yet another instance of that.

The said law can also get Mystica into trouble too.