Now there’s a more updated way to appreciate Jose Rizal’s classic novel, a required reading in Philippine education.

Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere comes to life in The Social Cancer, a visual novel adventure PC game made by The Bangkeros, a team comprising of Multimedia Arts students of an unspecified school.

Launched in Facebook on September 21, the game is downloadable through a link in their Facebook page. The game currently features the first episode of the game, which covers chapters 1-4 of the novel.

You play as Crisostomo Ibarra, a young man who came back to the Philippines after studying in Europe for 7 years. He came back to investigate the death of his father and to visit his beloved, Maria Clara.

You can interact with other characters in the novel and learn more facts about the game by collecting items and exploring the area.

The game is rendered using 2D raster graphics, and a top-down sprite-rendered free exploration similar to Pokemon games.

There’s one thing you shouldn’t bother looking for in this game; H scenes.


1. Translated versions of Noli me Tangere were published in English as The Social Cancer, hence the game’s name.
2. Noli Me Tangere was not originally written in Filipino, but in Spanish. This was because it was aimed for the readers in the capital. And yes, the publication was instantly declared subversive and banned. The same fate befell its sequel, El Filibusterismo.