Mm, Jim Paredes didn’t condone lies this time… he just flat-out lied.

By inviting people, including ‘not just yellow’, into EDSA for the 31st People Power Revolution Anniversary, he obviously meant everyone including Duterte Supporters.

Or did he?

This was what he tweeted.

And then when he saw Duterte supporters in EDSA, THIS happened.

Hostility towards supporters of those who you don’t like is a hypocrisy for the spirit of EDSA he so espoused. Apparently that only applies to those that fit his ideals.

What the poor old man didn’t think of was that those youth REALLY had as much right to EDSA as he does, thanks to democracy and free speech. And by showing hostility, he and the other people there just showed double standards, hypocrisy, and again, like his wife, being a liar, this time, about being open to everyone in EDSA.

Paredes has just exposed what EDSA was really meant for, and it was no wonder it had paltry attendance.

It also showed his very poor tolerance to dissent. And his idiocy. Which we already knew from way back.

Liberal Party, Yellow sympathizers, and Jim Paredes himself has been exposed for the uncaring hypocrites that they have been for the longest time.

And this time, they can’t deny it anymore. What little left of their credibility has even sunk further to virtually OBLIVION.

(Video from Team Philippines)