It really stings to see a foreigner have more sympathy and empathy than certain citizens who are actually happy about a tragedy because it advances their political agendas.

Ayumi Endo, an artist from Japan, known for her Duterte illustration that went viral during the election period, expressed her condolences and encouragement for the people of Davao City.

To all the people of Davao, My name is Ayumi Endo, I heard the news here in Japan about the terrorist incident that happened Friday, it shocked me and pains me to say that the city I love was attacked in a horrifying way.
My deepest condolences to the families who lost their love ones, To the people who got hurt with this meaningless terrorist act, it would be a very tough road ahead but we will be here to continue to love and support you.
Stay strong Davao, loving you all from Japan
PS: I apologize for my attire, just visiting a friend’s wedding
stay strong DAVAO