If Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been boasting about how orderly the city is and how crime is dealt with immediately, this incident is probably among those that do underscore and prove his commitment to keep the city peaceful.

The city police’s competence is proven by how Davao City Police reacted instantly to the killing of a fellow cop, SPO1 Vevencio ‘Long’ Vertudazo, catching and because the criminals were armed, neutralizing them on the spot.

Witness the carnage. WARNING: GRAPHIC!


Vertuzado was on duty when the two unidentified men, allegedly gang members, stabbed him to death.

Police forces conducted follow-up operation and chanced upon the suspects, who were armed. The police were able to kill the suspects.

According to the social media, the instant justice is but a trademark of Duterte’s influence in the city, in serving the people but making the place extremely hazardous to lawless elements.

This one of the many reasons people are pushing Rodrigo Duterte to take aim for the Palace, despite his repeated refusal.