Tragedy struck once more the unfortunate anti-Duterte page in league with the likes of Silent No More, ChangeScamming and a few others.

In this user-contributed screenshot, the Madam Claudia page (facebook.com/madamclaudiaforever) has been struck down by Facebook for the second time.

And it isn’t the first time Claudia first brushed with oblivion.

The first time it was struck down was December last year, reported by Rappler in strange circumstances, in the sense that its admin page was shown in full view, hinting the possibility that the admin of Madam Claudia is known to Rappler.

Madam Claudia apparently knows already what happened, and is either callous or just simply doesn’t care.

Due to the proximity of the page with Rappler, and how Rappler is comforta

Posts in ‘her’ page has been described to be unruly and was borderline trolling. According to posts, Claudia simply reacts to criticisms with trolling and gutter language.

Word has it that the page is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President and may be directly funded by Liberal Party.

Such a page, in the objectionable event that it becomes reinstated again, or rebuilt, should be just unfollowed and blocked.