Grabbed a taxi but hungry? This taxi has you covered.

In a Facebook post by Charis Dayao, this enterprising taxi cab has earned the admiration of many Filipinos for hard and smart work, recounting how she enjoyed the ride and the munchies.

It’s fun to ride with Mr. Bel. When we rode (his taxi), he offered his goods for sale. I bought some. It feels embarrassing not to. I wanted mineral water, but he told me that was sold out and he would have to buy them from the hypermarket (SM Hypermarket) because his passengers often look for it. It’s thrilling to ride his taxi, really resourceful of him. May you always get good business everyday. Godbless.

Keep an eye out for this Vios from Getrude and Gerica Transport, in case you want to munch while going to your destination.

Remember the name and company. You'll need it.

Give the taxi company some kudos too if you manage to hail and ride his taxi and eat snacks en route.