Too little, and way too late.

Iglesia ni Cristo has apologized to the public for causing traffic congestion on Edsa on Friday night but at the same time appealed for understanding for their mass action.

Despite this, he drew parallels with EDSA 1 and 2, and begged the incensed populace to understand their actions, claiming their grievance is “legitimate” and they will leave once their permit expires, which was until Sunday, August 31.

The spokesman, Edwil Zabala apologized to motorists inconvenienced by the movement.

“Pasensya na sa commuters. Ayaw namin ng ganito but we felt compelled we needed to do this kasi di kami pinapansin at sa halip na umaksyon sa sinasabi namin, insult was added to the injury, (To the commuters, please show patience. We don’t want this but we felt compelled we needed to do this because we are not given attention and instead of action about our statements, insult was added to the injury)” Zabala said.

Unsurprisingly, the apology is overwhelmingly rejected by still-infuriated people who has lost all respect to the religious group.

“You should’ve done it in Philippine Arena where you’ll bother no one!”

“Please don’t muddle the issue here, what was filed in the DOJ is case of abduction. This is a personal complaint by one of your member. It is not a national issue which will affect our entire country. You should have settled the issue in court and not stage a rally which affected the riding public.”

“Don’t ask for forgiveness because what was done was intentional. If your group really did nothing wrong, then let the courts decide – as you normally say when your members are accused of wrongdoings. Do it legally and no need to muddle the issue.”

“Too late for the apology, you have done so much damage and inconvenience to peaceful people!”


“These ROBOTS and blind followers of the Cult of Manalo must bear full responsibility for the traffic mess. NOBODY is above the LAW.”

“INC is just showing its power against the government. And those followers in the street are stupid. Government should not tolerate this kind of acts.”

“Why don’t you want the truth to come out so that you will be set free…?”

“Too late, INC should be sued for causing havoc and economic sabotage. The standstill cause millions of peso for the businesses, the Filipino people and deliberately hindered people from reaching their destinations most especially during emergency situations.”

“They have never addressed the issue of illegal detention… they’re so good at deflecting the real issue…”

“Do you even really know what unannounced rally means during weekend on a payday and long vacation? Permit? C’mon! You rallied first before you got that. You’re too arrogant to even say we should say sorry why you were there in the first place.”

“Apology not accepted… Damage has been done! The government need to find ways to stop these kind of phony and evil organizations… and save the souls of thousands!”

“Seriously, if you guys think you haven’t done any crime, why all this? Because you have. And unfortunately, no one is above the law. And one more thing, EDSA was for all the Filipinos – a national issue. This? This is only for your members – a religious issue. Oh wait, an issue about an alleged crime. morons..”

“You’re only apologizing because your mob rule mentality backfired on you! You didn’t show consideration for your fellow countrymen who were stuck in traffic on their way home caused by your show of love for power!”

“Meddling? No one is exempt from the law. And what inconvenience was caused to the general public was quite inconsiderate. You should have thought before you leap. The issue here has nothing to do with what you are saying on separation of church and state.”

“What the people hated with the INC rally is that they did it purposely so that traffic will be affected for them to be noticed and get the sympathy from the public, but what they got instead is storm of hatred!”


“The INC is a discredit to the Philippines and owes the Filipino people and others more than just an apology! Pay for cleaning up your mess and repay those inconvenienced by the horrendous, ungodly traffic jams you created and the gasoline wasted!!!”

“The INC rally is an obvious cover up to prevent a deeper exposure of the anomalies of the financial mismanagement and corruption inside the INC top leadership.”

“Damage is done you can’t return the time you have wasted.”

“I don’t think mentally handicapped people need to apologize for their actions. Its perfectly normal for them to do stuff like this. They can’t help it.”

“Insincere and PLASTIK (face-saving) apology.”

“While I fully understand your right to protest, what I don’t understand is who gave you the right to inconvenience others????”

“Please don’t use 2 of your members who are also a SAF member who died for the reason of “kulang sa pansin (lack of attention)”. That’s not reasonable because they are an INC member? Then how about those 42 who died and not an INC member?”

“INC is an organized crime group.”

“As each day passes, INC is becoming more incoherent with what they are fighting for. They are getting all their idiotic rationales from how they interpret their bible.”

“INC’s stupid actions come at a time when the government is desperate in solving the traffic problems. Is this what INC is contributing to the people and country?”

“Whats worse is that they are not demanding for justice. They are dictating the government on what to do that would result to something favorable to them. Shameless!”

Along with the condemnation, those who sympathize with the INC’s actions, namely Jejomar Binay and Grace Poe, have doomed their presidential bid by aligning with the nuisance group by calling for understanding for their actions, which is anything but sane and proper.

And you wonder why atheists have always feuded with theists all these times.