Electronic Arts, a well-known developer, publisher, and to some, ursurper and to many gamers, ‘murderer’ of many game series, often give back to communities through their software platform, an answer to Valve’s Steam – the EA Origin. It has been customary for them to give away free copies of select titles on occasion. Often, the giveaways are classic games that would otherwise fall into obscurity in the ocean of new and modern titles.

This time, they’re giving away free (as in Free Speech) copies of Command and Conquer – Red Alert 2.

Oldies who have played the game attests to its addictive and fun gameplay, and hails it as the game that defined their childhood. This is possibly why EA’s update to the C&C series, Red Alert 3, wasn’t accepted as widely as its predecessor, fans citing lack of immersive gameplay, catering to men who only wants attractive women, and taking the storyline for a different yet awkward spin.

But enough of that. The point now is, Red Alert 2 is now free to download, and yes, it includes the expansion Yuri’s Revenge.

It is also reportedly adjusted to be playable in more recent OSes such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

You will need the EA Origin client to get your free copy. Registration is also free.

Check it out here to relive your nostalgia now. It is only for a limited time. Get it now before it’s too late!