Since June 26, Lanuza has been frequenting Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds because of a controversial Facebook post that made a veiled reference to UP student Tiffany Uy, the Summa Cum Laude graduate from the Universtiy of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) who made headlines because of her near-perfect grade.

In the said post, he stressed that “getting the highest grade in almost all your classes in UP Diliman doesn’t mean you’re intelligent.”

Uy obtained a General Weighted Average (GWA) grade of 1.004.

It only means that: you’re very diligent in making reaction papers even if not required, you’re well-behaved in class, you don’t argue with your teachers, you don’t join walkouts against tuition and other fee increases so you have no absences, you even get a medical certificate for your diarrhea that lasted for a day so that you’ll be excused, you were able to buy all the requirements and books, and you were patient in photocopying.

The post instantly set his Facebook timeline on fire.

To many, the post was nothing more than a statement typical of the Filipino crab mentality – wherein the person is extremely displeased of one’s success and tries everything to pull down that person to his or her miserable level. It was an attack not only to the student, but his or her immediate family members too.

To his defense, people in his favor, notably students of Lanuza, argue that his statement was largely misunderstood and was not meant to demonize such achievement. The defense was likened by Lanuza’s critics as a response very typical of politicians.

Lanuza hit back at his critics through an article published on Rappler, where he said that “the problem with accusing people of doing certain things you don’t approve of is that you also end up doing the same.”

In the article, the professor made clear that he was not bashing Tiffany Uy in his Facebook post.

“My descriptions and the issues I raised in that ‘whining’ post do not even flawlessly match the real student whom I alleged to vilify,” he said.

Lanuza also explained that his Facebook post was not addressed to one person in particular, but to those who “tend to reduce education to mere achievements and general weighted average (GWA)” in general.

People aren’t buying the explanation, calling it nothing more than an alibi for someone who went too close to the candle and got burnt.

“And I thought only politicians love to use the my-comments-were-taken-out-of-context excuse,”

“And i thought teachers are supposed to inspire new minds! Now it is like a crime to be a good students with good grades. He should not be a teacher if he thinks this way.”

“He’s just attention whoring just like Lea Salonga! You can’t escape the quagmire you’ve dug yourself into!”

“But the reality is…his critique is as flawed as his original rant. His view of an ideal, is a stereotype of his creation. So what does that make all this? It’s nothing but a CHEAP PATHETIC ALIBI, isn’t it?”

He also got angry that as a result of his faux pas, activists are being degraded into a public nuisance. Which he took a great offense to.

But you can’t blame the people. A lot of so-called activists are demanding for every president to resign, but are oddly absent or silent when it comes to genuinely nationalistic matters.

You don’t see activists protest about China’s West Philippine Sea excursion and island-building. (They only did recently in a bid not to be confirmed China’s Communist lackeys.)

The fact Lanuza himself identified as an activist further lessened his credibility. We all know activists have always been mischievous most of the time.

And no, we’re not linking you his Facebook page. It will give you cancer. Take it from Spider-Man.

Yes, Spider-Man, we know.

Any grievances or concurrence to Lanuza’s sourgraping may be aired at the comments below.