Bandai-Namco Entertainment brings you a crossover you probably haven’t seen coming.

Galaga: Tekken 20th Anniversary Edition is a touch shmup game for Android and iOS devices, featuring the classic NES shooter Galaga, and the more modern Tekken characters, who team up to destroy the enemy. They are franchises previously released by Namco before.

Even characters such as Mappy and Pacman also appears in the game.

Mappy in a Galaga game?!



Still doesn't make sense in a shmup!

Yes. THAT Pacman.

The controls are obviously different and adapts to the touchscreen environment, but the fun factor appears to be intact as well.

* Tekken and Galaga are teaming up!
Take control of the fighters from Tekken as they join the world of Galaga for a frantic shooting game frenzy like you’ve never experienced!
Fight back against the endless onslaught by swiping left and right to blow them to bits!

* Devastate your foes with incredible team attacks!
Fight to take back your allies back from the Boss! If you’re successful the two of you will merge to form one amazing tag team attack! With old school characters appearing from the Namco classic arcade seires take out all your enemies in one go!

* Amazing new characters!
Overwhelm your enemies with Lili’s rapid-fire, blast a hole in their ranks with Claudio’s piercing shots, or smash them to bit’s with Heihachi’s giant headbutt! Keep clearing stages to unlock more characters!

But beware, your enemies have increased their ranks too. Watch out for King and his squadron of wrestlers! Face the heavyweight triple thread of Bob, Ganryu and Jack! Xiaoyu, Panda and Alisa! And many, many more!

It all leads up to a final showdown against the Mishima Family. Can you shoot your way to victory?

Psyched up yet? Get the Android app here, or the iOS app here. For the Android app, Bluestacks will bring the fun timewaster to your desktop.