It’s not everyday that you find out workers for a political party are rooting for another candidate, as seen in this video by the amazing rody duterte.

While an official caravan for Duterte traverses an unspecified highway, they came across vehicles that are plastered with campaign materials for Mar Roxas, but their operators and people suddenly started asking for stickers and other paraphernalia about Duterte!

And these aren’t your covert people playing along… they were clearly cheering for someone other than who they’re working for!

Here’s a short transcript of what it was about…


“Man, I’ll take a video, they’re doing something…”

“Oh, they’re asking for stuff! They’re asking for it!”

“They’re asking for billard (sp?), wait a bit…”

“Hey bro, we’re for Duterte!” *man raises fists, trademark Duterte gesture*

“He’ll join us!”

“Just doing my job!”

“You’re just doing your job, brother! He’s joining us!”

Elated by their presence, the other jeepney drivers joined them, while asking for stickers.

Net reactions however, ranged from elation to alarm as it was a tactic considered underhanded, especially that the faces of those that jumped ship were clear, exposing them to possible backlash.

Other sees it as karma for Roxas’ mostly callous attitude towards problems of the country.


Biased for Duterte, we would naturally be elated by this news. On a neutral standpoint, Liberal Party has been VERY sloppy about hired workers, and speaks loads on how their mantra is not attractive and not catching up at all. But Duterte’s supporters are not at fault here. Those drivers approached the Duterte convoy first, and there were no indications that they initiated the call to switch.