It’s good to know we can call out compatriots when they do something stupid.

ABS-CBN actress Angel Locsin is being heavily criticized on social media for her controversial tweet during the megabuck bout, which is supposedly in reference to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s skin color.

“Lugi naman kasi tayo eh.. hindi natin makita kung may black eye na si mayweather.., (We’re at a loss you see.. we won’t be able to see if mayweather has a black eye already..)” she tweeted.

After netizens tagged her reaction as “racist,” Locsin was quick to defend herself with another tweet.

“Kung fair ang skin at sinabihan ko ng “lugi tayo at hindi makita ang an-an nya sa sobrang puti”, racist comment rin? Baka kayo ang may issue, (if the skin is fairer and I said that ‘we are at a loss because we can’t see their skin disease because their skin is too white’, would that be a racist comment too?)” she further tweeted.

But following the online outrage, Locsin immediately apologized for her “harsh” tweets and commended Mayweather’s strategy.

“Sorry sa harsh tweetsmahirap, pero I’ll try to move on na! proud of you Manny! Congratulations to Mayweather! He’s a good strategist,” she said.