This is what happens when ego gets the better of Carlos Celdran, and ends up being used as an example of how stock brokers SHOULD NOT ACT.

In a desperate bid to humiliate President Rodrigo Duterte, Celdran yet again became the laughingstock of the social media.

iInvetst Philippines couldn’t have said it better.

Financial Education is badly needed nowadays. Tourist guides shouldn’t be Financial Analysts. A lot of factors affect the movement of Stock Prices, not just Political Factors. Foreign Selling is evident now but this correction is expected. Never use your Influence to create Panic as it does nothing good.

Dont be misinformed. Go get a Financial Mentor. If you dont have one, PM us thru this page and we have Financial Mentors ready to guide you.

He now posted a link on how to invest in stocks freely, and said message above appears to have been deleted already.

Not even his so-called ‘safe space’ (pertaining to his page) is safe from nitpicking.