If you are a resident of Sampaloc, Manila and you’re a supporter of Rodrigo Duterte, you’ll be happy to know there’s a restaurant there that shares your support to the frontrunner of the 2016 Philippine national elections.

Behold, the Digong Burger. A limited edition burger, it challenges your appetite with just one look. Created by JackO’s Burger Bar.

now available @ jackos piy margal
1/4 pound patty+lettuce+pineaaple+bacon+ham+blue cheese garlic sauce+kesong puti on a customize blue bun

Now did that get your attention? Head over to any of their 4 branches. Their ratings are quite good, but crowds sometimes form, so make sure you visit in an amiable time.

Sampaloc: 1601-A Piy Margal cor. Dos Castillas streets, Sampaloc, Manila.
Sampaloc/Malacanang: 683 F. Cayco corner Fajardo st. Sampaloc, Manila.
Sampaloc/UST: 1218 Gelinos st, Sampaloc, Manila (near Dapitan st, in front of Maria de Leon bus terminal)
University of the East/Gastambide: Along Dalupan St. within vicinity of Mary Chiles Hospital, Sampaloc, Manila.

When you have a restaurant rooting for Duterte, he must be THAT charismatic!

They can be contacted at +63-917-550-9963. You can also visit their Facebook page here.